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Our Vision


CultureOps helps startups design employee experience programs and intentional company cultures.

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Our Passion

We believe startups are changing the world. But having a great idea is only one piece of the puzzle. Executing that idea is the hard work of putting all the pieces together. CultureOps provides the assembly instructions.


Our Philosophy

The space you create and the ways you operate in that space have a huge influence on cultural outcomes, especially at scale.

We put systems in place to help you and your team function seamlessly now, with your current headcount, and into the future, with more people across more locations.


Our mission is to help you focus on your mission and to empower your employees to refocus on their core competencies.

The executive team should concentrate on high-impact strategy, not tactical minutia and putting out fires.


We realize everyone wears many hats in the startup universe. But culture and office operations are vital to your growth, and—without our expertise—they can be distracting and costly.


While culture and office operations get ironed out, you get burnt out. Of all the things you do have to figure out, this isn't one of them.


Been there. Done that.

We've learned from other executives' mistakes, so you can capitalize on our years of experience. Save yourself the headache, and stop wasting money.

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Meet Jenn

Jennifer Welsh is the workplace and culture leader behind CultureOps.

The Experience Expert

Coming from a strong hospitality background, Jenn extended the customer service experience of her early career to the employee experience values that shaped her seven-year tenure as Director of Employee Experience for two prominent, multimillion-dollar startups.

Relocation. Relocation. Relocation.

Jenn entered both companies during their series A rounds, overseeing moves and expansions and directing office operations as the workforce grew from dozens to hundreds of employees across multiple locations.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Jenn earned a reputation for raising the standard of excellence, overcoming challenges on budget, and making everyone feel fulfilled and motivated. Inspired to start her own company, she now proactively helps as many startups as possible.


"Jenn joined Zocdoc when we were a very small team. With Jenn's help, we became the #1 Best Place To Work in New York City and won numerous other awards year over year. Jenn is dedicated to her craft and will be a great asset to any company."

Cyrus Massoumi, Founder & Former CEO, Zocdoc