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2019 Started Yesterday

2019 is a just three months away. Halloween candy is on sale, and it’s time to book holiday travel. Seriously, don’t wait. Time flies, in the startup landscape especially.

The average startup is juggling competing priorities and sprinting toward deadlines with limited means. They’re functioning in reactionary mode most of the time, pouring unplanned resources into the fires du jour. Imminent problems are underestimated until they reach code red, then time and money are dumped into emergencies, and the cycle continues.

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Never Make A Bad Hire Again

The feeling when a strong candidate accepts your offer is optimistic and inspiring. A wave of relief and you can finally feel safe visualizing all the new person will manage, the load they’ll assume. You envision progress and count the days. The search is over. Recruiting is hard. Cheers all around. Until...

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How's Your Internal Brand Doing?

I imagine you’ve poured a lot of thought into your external brand, to attract target customers and forge desirable partnerships. You’ve agonized over your logo and your web design, maybe your business cards. You can recite your pitch in your sleep and spout statistics about how your product is changing the world. You’re checking all the proverbial boxes. Now pull back the curtain and look within.

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