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Employee Engagement


CultureOps helps you uncover cultural opportunities to attract and retain the best talent.


Human Capital Is Your Greatest Asset.


CultureOps Shows You How It’s Done.


Employee Onboarding

First impressions matter.

Employee onboarding is an introduction to the cultural norms and how the company operates. Inversely, each employee’s first experience in your space influences the company-wide culture.

Getting it right is so valuable and getting it wrong is so bad.

That’s why CultureOps consistently makes your workforce feel expected and appreciated. We design onboarding processes and checklists that boost your brand objectives, because it’s a bummer when new hires arrive on their first day and the appropriate people didn’t know they were starting.


CultureOps Considerations for New Hires.


Cross-Pollination +
Career Development

Beer and ping pong are fun, but they don’t constitute culture. Or build a brand.

Culture should strengthen your business initiatives. How do you want your people to feel at work, and how does that feeling reinforce your goals?


Whether you cultivate a family-style culture or an adhocracy, it’s crucial to value human capital and invest in talent with:

CultureOps budgets, plans, and implements a culture calendar that nurtures your business objectives.


Optimize collaboration between related teams. Facilitate synergy between unconnected departments.

CultureOps consults on your workplace vision and recommends programming that supports the desired culture. We also advise your leadership to provide top-down encouragement to participate. There’s no point in paying for a lunch-and-learn if the culture suggests that employees should work through lunch.

Something as simple as a pre-work running club, lunchtime Game of Thrones discussion group, or after-hours fantasy sports league could foster connections between every department of your organization. Synergizing teams that don't work well together or are not familiar with each other’s work increases everyone’s sense of belonging.


Event Strategy + Management

CultureOps considers your business and cultural goals to design an annual event calendar with programming at the optimal frequency.


We provide budgets, checklists, and vendor suggestions for:

  • Holiday parties

  • Company retreats

  • Sales incentive trips

  • Weekly happy hours

  • Seasonal picnics + activities

  • Community service programs


CultureOps realizes your exact event vision or ideates themes and activities that promote your brand and mission.


Don’t sweat the small stuff.

After strategizing and managing hundreds of successful events over the years, we know how to execute the important details and anticipate hidden costs.

CultureOps can find the perfect venue in your target region, source a caterer that meets your particular specifications, and arrange everything from transportation to the coat check system.

We offer turnkey event management so no one from your organization has to  worry about a thing on the day of. Or we direct your team to execute our plan.


"CultureOps designed an international incentive trip for our top-performing salespeople and executive team. Before we hired CultureOps, we weren't sure what the budget for the trip should be, and we realized we would require guidance that we didn't have in-house. Jenn quickly understood our vision and set expectations around the cost to make it happen.  Ultimately, she produced a program that achieved our goals and came in under budget. It was valuable to me not to have my team planning the trip, because they have other priorities. And my executive team was able to enjoy the trip without worrying about details. Jenn was really fun to work with, and I would highly recommend CultureOps to anyone who needs to plan a high-profile event but doesn't have the internal resources or bandwidth."

Travis Schneider, Founder & Co-CEO, PatientPop


Happy employees make happy investors.

CultureOps creates win-wins.