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Office Ops Leadership


Until you can afford a senior leader to guide your office ops and cultural initiatives, let us inspire your office manager, people, and processes with years of invaluable insights.


Budget Building

We’ve seen many startups execute outside of a formal budget. Without a detailed spending plan, the executive team is forced to make emotional decisions without realizing how spend categories impact the bottom line.


Add Value As You Grow


Avoid Shiny Objects

It’s easy and fun to focus on sexy desks for the new office or a hotel for the company retreat, but those aren’t the real cost drivers. Salaries and rent are your biggest expenses, and there are variable and fixed costs you may not even know to consider, like real estate taxes or an HVAC system.


Never Lower the Culture Quality

If your employees have grown accustomed to ordering in lunch every day, it could breed resentment to take away that perk after you raise millions more. But more funding means more employees, and do you really want to set precedents that will become unaffordable at scale?


CultureOps Fix

We provide a comprehensive budget and bird’s-eye view of your cultural decisions, looking at headcount projections to see if your operational spend works at scale. CultureOps introduces changes strategically and thoughtfully, so employees understand the why behind the what and feel excited to participate.


Operational Assessment


When CultureOps overhauls your operations or designs operational processes from scratch, we tell you what to do and — maybe more importantly — what not to do to achieve your growth objectives.


CultureOps in Action

A monthly budget meeting revealed that one startup went tens of thousands of dollars over on food. We:

  • Directed the office manager to conduct a detailed analysis of spend versus servings.

  • Discovered that certain snack items were excessively costly and being taken home.

  • Replaced those items with appropriate alternatives and trained the office manager to track the daily food spend for weekly review.

  • Designed a simple process so costs wouldn’t creep up again.


Vendor Procurement + Contract Review


CultureOps sources the right contractors to meet your needs.

  • We establish qualification requirements and provide a few vendor options, because the best-reviewed provider may be significantly more expensive than a good-enough competitor.

  • We shop around rates, identify red flags in contracts, and negotiate the business terms on your behalf.


Over the years, we’ve learned not to overly commit to vendors.


Office Support Team Planning + Efficiency Training

After we design operational and cultural processes that support your business goals, we train your people to manage our program.

CultureOps equips your office support team with action plans and process checklists.


Senior Culture Ninja? Director of Operational What Now? Stop giving early hires inflated titles and salaries.


Let CultureOps design the career pathing structure and salary bands for your office support team. We:

  • Conduct competitive market research.

  • Define current and required roles.

  • Write job descriptions with relevant responsibilities, experience requirements, and expectations.

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"CultureOps has helped our team see around the corner as we scale. While leading a business is complex, Jenn has been there before, and Eden has benefitted from her wisdom."

Joe Du Bey, Co-Founder & CEO, Eden


Ready to revolutionize the way your office feels and functions?