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Workspace Strategy


Have you outgrown your first office or coworking space?


CultureOps guides you through the entire relocation process, from selecting a neighborhood with growth potential to planning workstations that keep your team on mission.


Real Estate, Construction + Office Relocation

Move With Care

Establishing or moving your headquarters is a crucial budgetary and values-based decision. You want to lease and build in a place you can afford to grow into. The real estate and construction team should share your values and respect your budget. We can help with that.

Protect Your Pursestrings

So many expensive mistakes are made at this stage. Companies often move to an unaffordably cool neighborhood or commit to an unmanageable amount of real estate and too long a lease upfront. It’s also common to hire contractors with more or fewer credentials than each job demands.


CultureOps sources reliable vendors, advises which level of experience is appropriate for the task, conveys your vision to the team, and supervises the project until that vision is realized.


CultureOps provides process guidance, checklists, and vendor procurement for:


Seating + Space Planning

Office areas should be conducive to productivity and targeted functionality. Some teams need to sit near each other and others shouldn’t. CultureOps considers your headcount projections, as well as current points of friction and synergy to come up with a seating plan that fosters collaboration and anticipates growth.


Think Several Steps Ahead

If you expand the sales team but there are no more workstations in that area, everyone may have to move desks to accommodate new hires.

Constant shuffling causes distraction and psychological discomfort, which equate to misspent time and financial loss.

Your employees should feel comfortable, so they’re ready to work as soon as they sit down.


Space Planning Considerations


Space Planning Pro Tips


Pick a room naming convention that’s on-brand and scalable. Lots of startups name rooms after streets where they’ve had offices and eventually run out of options.


Stock a mini-fridge in your boardroom so the executive assistant doesn’t waste time running back and forth for beverage service.


CultureOps Success Story

The Challenge

Different teams have different communication styles. Some work with headphones on and use virtual chat all day, even when sitting next to each other. Others are constantly collaborating and thinking out loud. A health company we worked with found that some employees were distracted by their colleagues’ talking.

Our Answer + Idea

We instituted a Zen Room that was always quiet, so employees could pop in to crank out projects or meditate. While assessing and repurposing the space, we also created an interview room with product displays so candidates could learn more about the company's offering and mission.


Leave a lasting first impression.

Important people come through your office: investors, clients, colleagues, candidates, and the workforce that makes it happen.

Your workspace sets your cultural and operational standards. As much as you define and differentiate your brand externally, it’s essential to promote and live the brand internally.

CultureOps ensures your brand DNA is infused across every touchpoint beyond branded signage and decor. We spatially communicate your values, so visitors and employees experience the vision.


Security, Lobby Management + Visitor Reception

CultureOps thoroughly assesses the user experience from the moment of arrival to make sure everyone who walks through the door feels welcome, secure, and clear on where to go and what to do. We design and implement standard operating procedures and train your team for ongoing execution.


CultureOps Considerations

  • What function does the reception area serve?

  • Do the furniture and decor support that function and your brand vision?

  • If you expand, is the interior design replicable on budget?

  • Does the reception coordinator sit at the front door, manage phones, and offer drinks?

  • Which security protocols are in place? Are there card readers on the doors?

  • Do guests sign in on a tablet, receive a printed pass, or need a bathroom escort?

  • How does reception alert team members upon visitor arrival?


CultureOps Pro Tips

Install a system that automatically alerts employees when they receive packages.

Set up a self-service beverage station to accommodate visitors and unburden reception.

Use a visitor management software to track guests and streamline internal communications.


CultureOps Success Story

Don't Let This Happen to You

One startup struggled with a cross-functional lobby. Employees picked up packages and reported complaints at reception. The front desk was cluttered with packages, and visitor reception was disrupted by chatter. Guests had to compete with employees for attention at the front desk, and important visitors heard things they shouldn’t have.

Our Solution

We set up a dedicated internal area that functioned as a help desk and mail room. It was so successful in enhancing employee satisfaction that it became a stop on the office tour—a real recruitment bragging point.


"One of our portfolio companies that was in the midst of expanding their first office engaged CultureOps. Jenn led the strategic work for the real estate expansion, and she determined opportunities for improvement of operations and the overall workplace experience. She designed processes for employees with the executive team's vision and budget in mind. Her systems are structured to be flexible with change and scalable with growth, which is particularly valuable in an iterative environment.

Ultimately, Jenn provided a lot of relief to the executive team. I'd recommend CultureOps to any company that wants to standardize lean office operations and build a great workplace experience for its employees."

Frederik Roikjer, Founder & Principal, humbition


Need a new office and don't know where to start? CultureOps is here to help.